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All your most common questions in one place!



Is this FAQ going to be functional, but slightly silly?

Wow - timely question! Yep - that’s exactly what it’s going to be!

  • How does this ordering system work?
    We run on a pre-order basis. Each week a new menu is released on Monday, orders open and the order deadline is Wed 8pm. We offer pickup/delivery on Fri and Sat during the day. Kits come with simple heating instructions. You’ll receive a confirmation by text message usually within a few hours of ordering. Payment will come later (ooh - can you feel the tension!) Dun dun dunnnn! (read on)
  • How do I pay?
    We’ll send a (silly) text message on Wednesday evening (sometimes quite late) where you can pay via a link. If this is a problem, don’t worry - we’ll sort something out! Try it with and without Wifi - it’s usually a (child) filter on home Wifi that’s the issue.
  • Do you take late orders?
    We can sometimes (quite often) accommodate late orders. If you’ve missed out, text/phone us at 07713863571 for a chat.
  • Can I cancel my order?
    If you must, I suppose we’ll allow it ...but cancellations should be made by Thursday 9am to avoid it putting us out of pocket. We don’t like to be out of pocket, so please don’t do that.
  • Do you offer platters for 1? I don’t feel like I should be punished for living alone!
    We agree, so why the heck not? Platters for 1 are £13 and come with one filling/main choice and all the same starters, salsas and salads as the regular platter (but in half quantities of course). When ordering simply write ‘half platter’ or ‘0.5’.
  • What allergens are in your food? Will you cater to my needs (I’m pretty needy!)?
    Common allergens are listed on our ordering form next to each item. We cater to most allergens and dietary requirements, so please list ALL your allergies and we will get in touch if there are any concerns. In short: We’ve got your backs, needy peeps!
  • I haven’t received a payment link! Do you hate me for some reason?
    No way! We think you’re the best - you’re actually our favourite customer, you know?! If you haven’t received a payment link by Thursday morning, please get in touch asap as we sometimes have dropped messages due to network issues. Just remember. You’re our favourite one.
  • I received a weird message with a payment link and what seems to be a delivery/pickup time. Is that you?
    Yep - that’s us. We try to keep things fresh with new (and newly stupid) messages each week. Sorry if you don’t like silly things! Fear not, we take this approach solely to communications.
  • How do I leave Feedback and brain dump all my thoughts?
    If you have some feedback to leave, please leave a review on any of our social platforms (including Facebook or Google). Have some feedback for us that you'd like to pass on? Or want to leave anonymous feedback so we can't hunt you down? Then use this feedback form here:
  • Where do you deliver? Do you deliver to me?
    See our delivery map! It’s over here:
  • Where is Pickup located?
    Pickup is from G73 2BX. You’ll receive the address with your payment link. The plot thickens… Although a thickening plot is perhaps the best sign of a failed FAQ, so hopefully your plot was somewhat... thinned (?) by (at least the first two sentences of) this answer.
  • Can I pick up earlier than 3pm?
    Are you a reverse-vampire or being subjected to strict curfews? We can sometimes offer daytime pickups so if you’re worried about it, relax! Place your order and leave a note. We will let you know if it’s a problem!
  • Do you guys believe in Covid?
    Heck yes we do. We are people of science and follow all COVID regulations. If you have any covid related delivery instructions just be sure to mention them. You're in safe hands ;)
  • Can you do contactless delivery?
    Yes - all our delivery is contactless. If you could, please allow the driver to put down the package rather than reaching out to get it.
  • Do you offer Gift Vouchers?
    Yes! Vouchers can be made in any amount (especially large amounts!) ;) so please get in touch via email at
  • Do you offer platters for larger groups?
    We can offer platters for larger groups for outdoor parties. Get in touch if you’re keen!
  • How long does it take to heat up?
    This varies week on week, but roughly 30 mins in the oven. Also ten minutes at the stove when it’s taco week, for example.
  • How long can I keep the food for?
    From a food safety perspective, our food is good up to a day after delivery. We recommend, however, that it is eaten on the day for maximum satisfaction (especially the fresh salads and salsas). As the old saying goes: The gooder it is, the quicker it enbaddens. Or something.
  • Do you do tacos every week?
    Our menu changes weekly and tacos are not always on the menu, but make a regular appearance. Usually every two weeks.
  • Something whas wrong with my order! What do I do?!
    Please get in touch! Contact us (reply to our texts) on 07713863571. We will do what we can to remedy your order. Please don’t contact us on email or social media for urgent inquiries. Text message / phone call is best, so we can sort it out quicksmart!
  • When are you bringing back corn on the cob?
    When it’s back in season (summer)! =D
  • Is this question meta?
    I believe so, but perhaps we should ask it to ask itself.
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