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 £25 per Platter, feeds 2 people. 

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- the side bits -

Frijoles Chilli (GF, V/VG) 

Black beans, pinto beans and chickpeas in a mild chilli with paprika, coffee and chipotles, peppers, sweetcorn and Mexican oregano.

Choose TWO Fillings

Pollo en huerto (GF) 

With such good feedback, we had to bring this back! A traditional dish. Poached chicken in a tomato sauce, with onion, garlic, ancho chillies, pears, apples, pineapple and peaches. Fragrant and sweet.

Acelgas Guisadas con crema (GF, V/VG) 

Cavolo Nero and spring greens, sauteed with garlic and chillis, cooked until tender with new potatoes, then finished with cream and herbs.


A salad with red and white shredded cabbage, coriander, radish, spring onions, apple topped with red pickled onions and pineapple.

Crispy Bits

Crispy onions to add the mouth feels

Salsa Roja

A red salsa with tomatoes, garlic and chipotle chilli

Camote Adobado (GF, V/VG) 

Sweet potato wedges cooked in a chilli cinammon orange sauce, on a bed of limey cauliflower rice.


Papas Gratin (GF, V/VG)

A seasonal gratin with baby potatoes, sweetheart cabbage, lime and coconut finished with a mild chilli. 

- the Not Main Bit -

- the Main Bit -

Choose Your platter Type

Cochinita Pibil  (GF) 

One of our house classics. Pork shoulder slow-cooked until falling apart in citrus juices, flavoured with a home made achiote paste ( an annatto seed, garlic and spice paste).

Pescado Baja (+£1.50, GF avail.) 

Fish is back! Be it in a taco or with rice, these juicy pieces of fish are a favourite. Cod loin in a spiced batter fried until crispy. Large portion.


You know the deal, it's why you're here! Tacos are BACK! These traditional soft corn tortilla tacos are a taste of Mexico, ad make the perfect weekend sharing feast. Choose 2 fillings (below) and build your own authentic, zesty tacos. Comes with 10+ Tortillas. GF

Mexican Rice

Choose two mains from the list below, and pair it with our Mexican Rice; a tomato rice spiced with paprika and cumin and seasonal veg. With the salad and salsas (included) you'll have a hearty feast!

Sopa de Elote (GF, V/VG) 

A classic: Roasted corn, garlic and pepper soup. Creamy, sweet and spiced with a mild chipotle chilli.

Salsa Chamoy

a tangy salsa with pineapple, apricot, garlic and sumac.


a tub of chillis for kick

Chipotle Crema

a home made chipotle mayo


- Yu-ca-taco Pins £8 -

They're finally here! Buy a Yu-ca-taco Stag pin, the perfect gift. The stag has been part of our logo since the beginning. Significant in a lot of Mexican mythology and folklore, it is also a symbol of Scotland, and brings the two together. 

Created in collaboration with Clorty Cat Crafts!

The perfect treat for yourself, gift for a fan, gift for a collector, you name it! Not ordering or in Glasgow but want a pin? Send us an email at to order


- optional extras -

Side - guacamole de tomatillo - £5

We couldn't change this now could we. Our famous, chunky avocado and tomatillo based guacamole, with  served with tortilla chips. Serves 2 (GF, VG)

Side - Extra Fillings - £5-6

Select any additional filling from the fillings above to add to your platter. 

Extra - Spicy Salsa (salsa picante) - £1

Want a bit more spice in your platters? Don't want to commit to a hotsauce just yet? Then this is for you! A small pot of spicy salsa made from tomatoes, peppers and chipotle chilli. (GF, VG)

Dessert - Salted Dulce de Leche Cheesecake (GF available) - £5

A new one for the menu! A ginger nut biscuit base, topped with a creamy cream cheese and salted dulce de leche mousse layer, topped with salted caramel sauce. Serves 2

(contains gluten and dairy, GF available)

Side - Extra Rice/Tortillas - £3

Select either an extra rice or extra tortillas to go with your meal. 

if you've missed the order deadline, get in touch by friday, we may have some meals left!
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if you've missed the order deadline, get in touch by friday, we may have some meals left!

Or sign up to our mailing list.