The Dad's Day Feast platter

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Delivering: Fri 11th/ Sat 12th June 

£25 per  Platter. Feeds 2 people.

includes: not main bit, main bit & side bits

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Fillings: choose 2

Chilli Carne (GF) 

An old favourite. Our take on a classic Mexican beef chilli. Tender beef chunks and beef mince, slow cooked until tender, in a tomato, bean, pepper, coffee and chilli sauce. 

 -the main bit-

Nachos Ahoy!

Nachos are here! This big plate of bad boy nachos will satiate any monster appetite. Corn tortilla chips, topped with your choice of fillings (below) and topped with salsas and a CHEESY chorizo (or caper and corn for the veggies) sauce to drizzle all over. GF

- the side bits -

Salsa Roja

A red salsa with roasted tomatoes, chipotle chillies and orange.


a traditional salad with seasonal veg, shredded cabbage and herbs, topped with red pickled onions.

Salsa Verde

a tomatillo (green tomato) based salsa with coriander and garlic.

Pollo Mole Verde (GF) 

A new addition! Chicken thighs slow cooked until tender, in a 'green mole' sauce with sesame seeds and nuts, coriander, raisins and green veg. Contains nuts

Pollo Tinga (GF) 

Shredded Chicken thighs cooked in a lime grapefruit blend with home made achiote (traditional Yucatecan spice paste) with chipotle. Mild

Frijoles Negros (VG, GF) 

A classic that even the meat eaters love! Stewed Black beans cooked in a spice paste with Mexican oregano, cumin, cloves and garlic. Full of flavour and naturally creamy. 

Maiz y Papas (VG, GF) 

Roast sweetcorn, potatoes, peppers and spinach in a cheesy herb sauce topped with pickled celery.

Chilli con Verduras (VG, GF) 

Our veg chilli! A three bean chilli with tender juicy beans, in a tomato, pepper veg, coffee and chilli sauce. 

Jalapeno crema

a home-made mayo with jalapeno, coriander and garlic.

 -the NOT main bit-

Maiz a la Parilla


It's back in season!! Corn on the cob is here, a customer favourite for the win! Whole corn on the cob, husk on, grilled over flames and served with a chilli lime cheese salsa. V, GF

Choose ONE

Taco Time!

Can't resist our juicy tacos? Then tacos you shall have! 10 traditional soft corn tortillas to fill with your choice of juicy fillings (below) and top with our salad and fresh zesty salsas (below). For a real daydream to Mexico. GF

chili hotness-01.png

Frijoles Bons

Black Bean and masa bons, fried until crispy on a bed of sweet potato, chilli and lime mash, topped with caramelised pumpkin seeds. V, GF

Choose ONE

chili hotness-01.png

- optional extras -

Hot sauces - £5

Made in Glasgow by small batch hotsauce-maker tom from tom's sauces, or in sterling by chilli masters trodden black, these hotsauces are the perfect addition to any dish. flavours are:

  • Scorpion: a fruity, scorpion sauce for those that like it hot! Winner of '20 Great Taste Awards

  • Chipotle: a rich, thick, sweet and smoky chipotle hotsauce


price per 150ml bottle.


Side - guacamole de tomatillo - £5

you asked. we listened. our famous, chunky avocado and tomatillo based guacamole, with  served with tortilla chips. Serves 2 (GF, VG, V)

Extra - Spicy Salsa (salsa picante) - £1

Want a bit more spice in your platters? Don't want to commit to a hotsauce just yet? Then this is for you! A small pot of spicy salsa made from tomatoes, peppers and chipotle chilli. (GF)

Side - Frijoles Negros - £5

Can't get enough of our creamy black beans? Don't want to choose between meat and beans? Order an extra portion of black beans to go with your leftovers the next day. Serves 2. (GF)

beef jerky - £4

Made in Glasgow by small batch hot-thing maker tom from tom's sauces, this is the best jerky in town. herby, meaty, spicy what more can you want...

  • Jamaican: a proper caribbean jerk

  • Chipotle: a classic chilli, this smoky chipotle will go perfectly with your Mexican feast

  • Cajun. so good you would think you're down in the Bayou

price per 50g bag.

for more info on Tom's hot-things click 
for more info on trodden black's death jams click 

Dessert  - Dulce de Leche Banoffee Pie - £6

A customer favourite! Our take on the banoffee pie. Biscuit base, topped with Dulce de Leche and banana, topped with a spiced cream and toasted pumpkin seeds. Serves 2. (contains dairy, GF available)

Side - Ensalada Elote - £5

Here by popular demand: A creamy corn salad made with roasted corn, home made chipotle crema, spring onions, peppers, avocado, coriander and feta. Serves 2. (GF)

Dessert - Mexican Chocolate and Dulce de Leche brownies - £5

Now bigger! These gooey chocolate brownies are a little slice of heaven. Cinammon spiced dark chocolate brownies with dark and white chocolate chunks, dulce de leche pockets. Serves 2 (2 slices).

(Contains gluten, egg and dairy)

DRINKS  - Pino Colada and Nojitos - £2

A new item has arrived! These alcohol free drinks/mixers are the perfect way to make an easy cocktail at home, or get all the flavours and none of the alcohol guilt! You decide. Choose from either a bottle of Pino colada (contains dairy) or nojito (a take on the mojito). A bottle 275ml makes 2 small cocktails or one large. Alcohol not provided.

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